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Of course it is important to show a clip of a crazed redneck elbowing an African American at a Trump rally to reiterate that the kind of hate rhetoric Trump spews really does incite violence. But amongst all this, I think it is just as valid to give air time to a level headed ex-marine who is voting Trump but is surprisingly Libertarian.
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“I think political art is more important than ever. I believe art should question the structure of the way things are, to respond to and challenge what’s going on in the artist’s time”
— James Ostrer, Metro Newspaper, July 2017
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"In renaissance painting we were having depictions of kings, queens, battle scenes and obviously now with all the various different types of media, we don’t specifically need representational paintings anymore, what I think is important is to find different ways to represent what is happening." —  London Live December 2016
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Necessary tools for positive change are empathy and understanding of your fellow human and why they behave the way they do. This is what underpins the sentiment of Guru Jimmy’s Uberlife.
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“The objective was not to come out here and vilify Trump supporters, it was to empathise and find the human connection. What I discovered was that everyone’s needs all boiled down to the same things: love and security. I wanted to reveal the real American people, because they all share the same interests. If they joined together they would rise up against the forces who divide them to maintain political control.” — James Ostrer interviewed by Alex King for Huck Magazine October 2016
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What unifies us are the basic core values of wanting love, health, security and a welcoming community.
“The role of the artist is to make work that reflects what’s going on during our time and give a voice to people that are not represented in the media.” — James Ostrer in interview with Bridget Galton ArtEtCetera
In all seriousness after meeting Tiger, an African American, and experiencing his absolute disdain for a self-serving political system to such a level he affectively was a KKK apologist on behalf of his preferred nominee, I realised Trump had a far greater chance than I ever could imagined before coming to America....
My method, whether perfect or not, has been to interview Uber drivers of all colours and creeds about the upcoming election and what being American means to them. My goal was to create content that focuses on what unites humanity in terms of common values and desires, rather than judgmental, skewed perspectives.
"Waking up to the results of Brexit I saw that London was so isolated in wanting to stay in Europe while the rest of the country was completely not and felt such a sense of detachment. What we are seeing in the media doesn’t correlate to what other people are thinking." – James Ostrer, London Live December 2016
"The people in Washington, I don't think they care about us anymore." — PENNY
"The race issues in our country go way back to the start of our country. The declaration of independence, the constitution, lofty words about how everybody is equal and free. There should be a little ASTERIX, but if you're a woman but if you're black but if you're asian ... I will be voting for Donald." - WILLIAM, ex-marine, Uber driver from Vegas
What has concerned me the most over the last year is how the media battle between Donald and Hillary has become an amphitheater of GIFs and memes filled with abuse and humiliation further normalising the cultures of racism, misogyny and violence.
"Guru Jimmy brings peace and understanding back to the US presidential election. Can’t we all just get along?"  – Alex King October 2016, Huck Magazine
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